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Fratelli Averna

Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna

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Amaro Averna Velvety on the palate, balanced in the mouth, it is still produced today following the original and secret recipe given to Salvatore Averna in the nineteenth century by Frà Girolamo, a Capuchin friar of the Abbey of Santo Spirito in Caltanissetta.
The care in preparation and the richness of its multiple ingredients give Averna a rounded and enveloping taste and a delicately citrus scent.

Made with herbs, citrus fruits and licorice, a secret recipe from the 19th century

Ideal companion for after dinner or as an ingredient to prepare unforgettable aperitifs or cocktails

Alcohol content 29%

Keep away from sunlight

To appreciate its Mediterranean nuances, sip it mixed with two parts of Sicilian blood orange juice, ice and a few fresh leaves of mint and thyme

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