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Bitter Montenegro

Bitter Montenegro

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Amaro Montenegro is an Italian bitter liqueur that offers a strong and delicate taste at the same time. With a unique combination of herbs, spices and fruits, this amaro will give you an authentic and refined taste experience. Perfect to sip on its own or as an ingredient for cocktails.

Amaro Montenegro is a herbal liqueur with a secret recipe that combines 40 aromatic herbs from different parts of the world. These herbs include spices, dried fruits, roots, seeds, barks, citrus peels, rhizomes, flowers and driftwood.

Ideal companion at the end of the meal, with a few ice cubes, it is superb

Alcohol content 23%

Keep away from sunlight

The most common way to enjoy Amaro Montenegro is on ice, accompanied by a slice of fresh orange. This allows you to better appreciate its delicate aromas and the balance between sweetness and bitterness

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