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Molinari S.p.a

Sambuca molinari

Sambuca molinari

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Sambuca Molinari is an Italian liqueur that offers a unique tasting experience. With its traditional recipe and high-quality distillation, it boasts of an authentic and authentic flavour. Perfect to enjoy as a digestive after a meal or to add a touch of sweetness to cocktails.

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Sambuca takes its name from the plant from which the extract is extracted, the elder flower, although the main ingredient is the essential oil obtained from the distillation of star anise, which gives it that unique and characteristic aroma. Crystalline white, it penetrates the sense of smell with intense aromas of anise and fresh elderflower, licorice and aromatic herbs, all supported by the ethereal note of alcohol

Ideal companion for after dinner or as an ingredient to prepare unforgettable aperitifs or cocktails

Alcohol content 42%

Keep away from sunlight

Excellent served both neat and with ice to use it with a cooler version, also excellent added to a good espresso

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